Hosting is a service you need to create and run a website online. Even if you have a domain name, it would take a hosting server to help the site up and running. We offer the perfect web hosting services available for WordPress websites. We have everything you need, from security features to ultrafast sites. Our WordPress hosting plans are optimized to provide you with the fastest and most secure service.


Here are some of our hosting service's most widely noted features and services.


Care Plans that Include Website Migration Service

Premium WordPress Support Packages that include our Website Migration Services


For Standard WP Site Maintenance

WordPress Website Management


For WP Sites Needing Edits and Security

WordPress Website Management

WP Pro

For Advanced Functionality WP Sites

WordPress Website Management

Custom Plan

For Custom Coded WP Sites

WordPress Website Creation

Ultimate Pro

For Custom Sites with Advanced Functionality

WordPress Website Management

Help & FAQ

Frequently Asked Service Questions

Common Q's we get about Website Migration

We consistently conduct scheduled updates and maintenance for WordPress websites, typically on a monthly basis. Immediate application of critical security updates ensures your website remains safeguarded against emerging threats.

Certainly! We provide round-the-clock uptime monitoring for your WordPress website, ensuring continuous accessibility to your visitors. In case of any downtime, we promptly address the issue and restore full website functionality.

Absolutely! We provide additional customization and development services tailored to your requirements. Whether it’s integrating new features, incorporating third-party services, or implementing custom functionality, our team is dedicated to meeting your WordPress website needs.

Websites with advanced functionality like this necessitate our Ultimate Pro Plan. Given their greater resource requirements, ensuring you’re on the right plan enables us to allocate the necessary resources to maintain your website’s security, speed, and seamless operation.

We’re flexible and happy to collaborate with clients regardless of their hosting provider. Recognizing that each website has unique requirements and that individuals have budget constraints, we’re committed to working within those parameters. Should you consider an upgrade, we can recommend our trusted hosting partners.

Once you’ve chosen the most suitable care plan, you’ll be directed to a form where you can securely provide us with your login credentials. Upon receiving your WordPress dashboard and hosting provider login details, we’ll promptly implement your plan within 24 hours.

Each of our care plans is designed to cover a single site. If you have multiple sites, even if they are subdomains of a main site, they are considered separate sites. Therefore, if you have three websites you’d like us to manage, you’ll need three plans, one for each site. You’re welcome to select different plans for each website according to your preferences.

No, we’ve structured our pricing to remain efficient, and with our global team, handling all support via email is the most effective approach for us. While we don’t provide phone support, customer service remains a top priority at WPMain. You can expect our email support to be swift, efficient, and friendly!

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